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Treatment of baby diarrhea

Baby diarrhea how to do the treatment of baby diarrhea
In pediatric common diseases, pediatric diarrhea, second only to respiratory infection in the second common disease, the following small series teach you how to treat baby diarrhea, a Look up.

Treatment of baby diarrhea method one: breastfeeding Breastfeeding prevents diarrhea in babies. It is recommended that babies be breastfed in the first few months of life. Because breast milk contains many digestive enzymes and antibodies required by many children, it is well suited to your baby's nutritional needs and digestibility. However, Pay attention to its proper feeding practices and avoid weaning during the summer or when your baby is sick. The second method of treatment of baby diarrhea: bottle spoon instead of bottle As the bottle, especially the rubber nipple, is easily contaminated and is not easy to be cleaned and disinfected, it causes diarrhea in the baby. At this point, it may be better to use a bowl of spoon to reduce the chance of diarrhea in the baby.
Treatment of baby diarrhea three methods: timely rehydration anti-dehydration Because most baby diarrhea onset acute, especially frequent diarrhea will make the body of water and nutrients quickly lost, resulting in acute dehydration, so when the baby diarrhea, parents should promptly in 500 ml of boiling water (or rice soup) , Add 20 grams of sugar (two flat spoon) and 1.75 grams of salt (half beer bottle cap) made of oral rehydration for baby to drink. Method 4 for treating diarrhea in baby: diarrhea treated with carrot mud In the baby diarrhea, if the drug treatment at the same time, the diet is also best to give carrot grading sub-take, to help recover the disease, in general, the baby feeding carrot mud 2 to 3 days, you can Make the stool shape. Five ways to treat baby diarrhea: do not abuse antibiotics In fact, about half of baby's diarrhea is caused by virus or due to improper diet, parents should not abuse antibiotics in the face of diarrhea caused by these reasons, to avoid killing normal flora in baby's intestine and aggravating diarrhea .

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