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The most important five major fruits

Children eat what is the most essential five big fruits
Nutrition is the source of life, the fundamental health, food is the source of nutrition, let Xiaobian tell you about the most indispensable children five fruits .
The most important five major fruits

1, Apple

There is a saying in the West: "An apple a day, the doctor away from me." Apple's high nutritional value, rich in sugars, organic acids, cellulose, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and flavonoids, Timely removal of the body's metabolic "garbage", by scientists called "a full range of healthy fruits."

2, orange

Orange is not only colorful and sweet and sour, is a common delicacy, rich in vitamin c, has great benefits to the human body, can promote iron absorption, prevention of anemia.

3, strawberry

Strawberry is a nearly round or oval oval, delicious and lovely fruit with high nutritional value, rich in nutrients and health benefits. However, it is not recommended to eat strawberries during diarrhea.

4, banana

Banana, belonging to the genus Musa, is a rich starchy beneficial fruit with the function of laxative, but also can prevent the child from over-weighting.

5, grape

Grapes, one of the oldest fruit tree species in the world, is also a famous fruit rich in vitamins and has the efficacy of relieving cough and relieving irritation, replenishing qi and blood, and tonifying urine. Grapes are not recommended to eat more, eat more teeth will be sour, but also need to brush your teeth early after eating fruit.

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